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We have used Frontier/ Chess ICT for a few years without too many problems but in June 2016 we told them we wanted to change companies to get a better deal. The next thing we notice was that they had taken £3885 from our bank account without our knowledge or permission!!! To cut a long story short they held the money hostage and forced us to carry on using them for a year or so. We didn’t get any bills in this time as we were in credit (obviously) and they did verbally agree that after we stayed with them for the year we would be free to leave. Approx 6 months ago we started making enquiries about changing to a cheaper supplier again but  found Frontier/Chess ICT so slow and unhelpful  in doing this and only today they have finally acknowledged that we want to leave. So now guess what ??? They are trying to take another £3000 to let us out of the contract!!! By the way we are a relatively small independent company and our phone bill was approx £300-£400 a month, so to try and take another £3000 off of us AGAIN so we can go to a different company to get a better deal is extortionate and a total rip off.

So if you are thinking of signing up to Frontier/Chess ICT be warned. They may tempt you in with good deals and rates at the start but when you try to leave they will take your trousers down!! TWICE IN OUR CASE!

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